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Harmony in Hue: Embracing 2024 Color Trends with Natural Stone Elements

by | Mar 29, 2024 |

Colors have a powerful impact on our overall health and well-being. There are easy ways to incorporate this year’s most popular colors and pair them with natural stone to create fresh spaces.

We asked an interior designer, creative director, and color experts to share how homeowners could pair this year’s color trends with different types of natural stones inside their homes.

“Natural stone, and specifically marble, can hold up to any of this year’s colors of the year, next year and well beyond,” says Julie Jordan, creative director and founder at J Jordan Homes, based in Hinsdale, Illinois.

Rather than consider the colors of the year as a trend and finding a natural stone that complements any year’s color trends, Jordan prefers to design spaces that only become “more cool” after each passing year. Natural stone passes the test of time. 

“Blue, grey, brown, or white, natural stone is the darling of so many spaces,” Jordan adds. She suggests natural stones such as Arabescato Corchia and Bronze Armani marble, or Blue Roma quartzite. 

Natural stone doesn’t need to be relegated to just kitchen counters or bathrooms. “There are so many amazing places to use natural stone,” says Jordan. She loves to incorporate different types of stone as fireplace surrounds, feature walls, and trims. These areas can be upgraded with natural stone to elevate a space. For an easy refresh, consider incorporating new paint colors or accent pieces that reflect trending colors. 


The Calming Hues of Blues

Sherwin-Williams’ Upward SW 6239 is “a breezy and blissful shade of blue that evokes the ever-present sense of peace found when slowing down, taking a breath and allowing the mind to clear,” according to the paint company. 

“Upward SW 6239 is a very versatile hue and can be applied in many spaces from kitchens and bathrooms to living and bedrooms,” says Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “The light and airy shade pairs well with white marble countertops in kitchen and bathrooms for a very sleek and refined aesthetic.”

Wadden also likes pairing the blue hue with darker stone options like bluestone, granite, or sandstone. “The cool undertones of the color pair perfectly with the silty stone profile,” she adds.

Scotti J. Campbell, an interior designer and owner of interior design firm SJC Design & Interiors in the Pacific Northwest, says Sherwin-Williams’ Upward is a soft shade of blue that begs to be paired with warm brass and white or creamy marble slabs or flooring to create elegant and timeless spaces. “White marble counters and/or flooring with Upward in a bathroom depicts calm refinement,” she adds. “Marbles with quiet veining and movement pair beautifully with this calm and slightly feminine shade. Create kitchens or bathrooms that feel like seaside holidays, with soft breezes flowing through linen drapery.”

Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year is Blue Nova 824 which, according to the company, is “an intriguing blend of blue and violet that sparks adventure, elevates, and expands horizons.” It also pairs well with several types of natural stone.

“When selecting natural stone to pair with Blue Nova, this sumptuous mid-tone generally works well with lighter hues—particularly stone varieties with a crispness or cooler cast,” says Andrea Magno, Color Marketing and Development Director at Benjamin Moore. “For example, a Calacatta Lincoln or Olympian Pearl marble would make for a striking countertop when paired with Blue Nova; or Imperial Danby marble would make for an interesting pairing with Blue Nova, calling attention to the rust veining—a nod to a blue and orange complementary color scheme. A pale gray limestone, such as Fleuri or Sterling, would also work nicely adding softness to the overall look.”

Campbell agrees pairing Blue Nova with marbles can be a powerful combination. “Vibrant and energetic, Blue Nova adds a bold punch to blue, with a touch of violet that says, ‘I’m unique, I have flair and style,’” she adds.

Campbell recommends combining Blue Nova walls with gray marble countertops and flooring in a bathroom to create a space that makes a statement that is both calm and uplifting, soothing and charging. “Shades of gray stone temper the vibrance of the hue and add a touch of masculine calm energy that is timeless and modern at the same time,” she says. “The opposite of boring and quiet, Blue Nova infuses spaces with life. Blue Nova walls or cabinetry, with dark gray marble or granite countertops in a kitchen feels modern and fresh.”

She loves the idea of gold-toned and creamy marble counters or floors with this shade to evoke the feel of coastal life in the South of France. She compares the look to blue skies and seas, fields of lavender and wheat, and warm sand on the beaches.

Leveraging Color Trends

Most homeowners choose natural stone for their homes because it’s timeless, natural, and beautiful. Incorporating color trends through paint colors and other accents is an easy and fun way to update a space while taking advantage of the beauty of natural stone in one’s home.