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You've heard about it for months, and we've delivered. With the help of a PR company, www.usenaturalstone.org has evolved into a resourceful and inspiring repository of positive, factual information about natural stone. Natural Stone Institute is working with a talented team of freelance writers to ensure that the site is kept up-to-date with relevant content representing all facets of the stone industry.

Have you been wondering how your company can get involved with the Natural Stone Promotional Campaign? Here are five easy ways to help our effort.

1. Visit www.usenaturalstone.org frequently.

Our goal is to provide information that is relevant and interesting for consumers, architects, and designers, while also providing an honest portrayal of natural stone and the stone industry.

2. Share our articles.

To make the biggest impact with our campaign, we need you to share these articles: promote them on your company’s website, post them on social media, and email them to clients to reinforce the benefits of natural stone.

3. Do you have an article idea? We want to hear it.

We know many Natural Stone Institute members have talented marketing teams that already create the type of content being featured on usenaturalstone.org. Do you have an already-written article with photos that we can repurpose for use on the site? Our team will rework the article to be generic in nature, but give credit to the member company for the article inspiration. Have an idea for a new article topic? Tell us and we will put our freelance writers to work! Send all articles and ideas to networking@naturalstoneinstitute.org.

4. Inspire. Send us your photos!

Words can only do so much to illustrate the benefits of using natural stone—we also need high quality photos of all types of natural stone installations. Do you have a photo you’d like to see featured in our online inspiration gallery? Send photos to networking@naturalstoneinstitute.org. Credit will be given for each photograph used, including company name and stone type.

5. Donate.

Make a financial contribution to further the industry’s ability to spread the word about natural stone.