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Help us increase natural stone’s marketshare by getting involved with the Use Natural Stone campaign.

Natural stone is increasingly losing market share to manmade alternative materials that simultaneously work to mimic the look of natural stone while also spreading misinformation about the durability, cleanability, and sustainability of genuine natural stone.

The crisis is real and we are at a critical point. It is time for the natural stone industry to take a stand. Join us as we fight the claims of competing products and share the truth about working with natural stone.

With your financial assistance, Use Natural Stone can respond quickly and aggressively to stop the eroding of market share. Funds will be used for the implementation of a detailed plan encompassing scientific research, educational tactics, SEO, and PR that will disprove myths and misconceptions about natural stone.

Thank you to the initial list of companies who have joined the cause. Note: This list is current as of July 24, 2019.